As in every major fabricating industry, plastic injection molding over the years has played an important role in the conduct of day-to-day business. Nevertheless, the decision of choosing this type of industry, which was supporting to others, while not so many individuals were doing it then was not an easy one to make. The other businesses ever since then had chosen to do something familiar and easy, while CATHACO would not wait for the easy to come but made a rush for challenges with high-rise determination.
Established since 1999 with authorized capital of 8,000,000 USD, CATHACO chose plastic injection molding as its major business. Beginning with just a few machines since then, we have been trying to make it spread and strengthen our business reaching out for international brand names as our own customers to serve. The total number of employees now reach 1,000 and the whole land area is 60,000 m2. It was said not to be easy to bring this type of industry out in the contact with foreign businesses with huge reputation due to matters of quality, technology and skillfulness, but with strong determination and willing team we steadily gain the trust from big names such as Schneider Electric, Konica Minolta, Colgate-Palmolive, Toshiba, Aqua... Besides system qualifications such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, we as well achieved social compliance certification of ICTI and ISO 26000. Furthermore, with the installation of the 150th machine and the support of automation technology such as fully automated robot arm equipped to every single machine and the machine monitoring system, CATHACO is now confident of its capabilities and at the same time making its business major more exceptional and professional.


160 Injection units with robots conjunction
12 Co-injection units with robots conjunction
5 clean rooms
Qualitative tester, visual check and dimension control
Application of ERP
Application of Machine monitoring system


Success in P-DOAZ program, which helps accomplish target of less than 50 PPM
Quality system, environment and social compliance qualification
ERP application
LEAN production