Press & Multislides

Metal pressing/stamping is the manufacturing process of creating metal parts by applying extreme pressure to a blank piece of metal to form the metal into a desired shape. The material is used in this process may be aluminum, copper, zinc or stainless steel coil.

Multislides metal pressing/stamping is a bit more complex than the other methods of metal pressing. In four-slide or multi- slide stamping the metal or metal wire is approached from multiple sides or angles by the dies, either successively or simultaneously. This produces a final product that is either coiled or bent, depending on the desired result and dies used. Four-slide technology is an excellent process for stamping and forming small, intricate parts with multiple bends from wire or thin strip metal. This process is used to produce springs, clips, brackets, and other materials used in industries such as construction, electric industrial.


Less labor needed

Automated working machines, which allow single operator to operate 2 or more machines at same time.

High precision and speed

Machines and equipments with high speed and precision for fabrication of delicate components.

Productivity efficiency

Identical products in sharp and quality Parts formed by typical die with guaranty of exact sharp, dimension and quality

Less scrap material and quick setup

Working method that can encompass several different ways of modifying metal to produce desired end part shape with a short time set-up.