• <h2><span>Q</span>uality</h2><span>Outstanding products manufactured<br/> by excellent machines and under <br/>close control of quality.</span>
  • <h3><span>C</span>ost</h3><span>Expenses reduced and utilized by<br/> series of developing activities with<br/> involvement of automation technology.</span>
  • <h3><span>D</span>elivery</h3><span>An ‘on-time’ commitment made by<br/> the whole system’s effort.</span>
  • <h3><span>E</span>nvironment</h3><span>Impressive and healthy<br/> working domain with<br/> strong supervision and<br/> management.</span>
  • <h3><span>F</span>inance</h3><span>Interesting and challenging spot<br/> for investment with sturdy<br/> financial confidence and support.</span>
PATC is the trusted strategic of today’s global leading manufacturers and bring its customers consistent high quality products and services, satisfy them with time, price and meet their demands.
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