One of our strategic business is compounding, which consists of preparing plastic formulations by mixing and/or blending polymers and additives in a molten state, these blends are automatically dosed with fixed set points usually through feeders or hoppers. it is mostly a blend of copolymers such as ABS, SAN, SMA etc. with additives such as anti-oxidants, UV-stabilizers and other value adding agents and sometimes a strengthening component is added such as glass fibre.

There are different critical criteria to achieve a homogenous blend of the different raw material. Dispersive and distributive mixing as well as heat are important factors.
Compounding is usually done by extrusion. The hopper feeds the begin of the screw which will gradually transport the resins towards the die. The screw itself is confined in a barrel that has different zones that can be heated according to the resins properties.


Low cost

Less set-up and labor making this production method a convenient on-site service.


Continuous flexibility

Provision of considerable flexibility in the products being manufactured with a consistent shape and quality.

After compounding alterations

Palletized plastics remaining hot when removed from compounder allows for post-compounding manipulations.

Convenient input

Several types of raw materials to be chosen for even small runs.