3GTECH was founded in 2010 with the specialization in high speed presses, multi-slides and turning, and design and manufacturer stamping die. The company uses the modern progressive auto drill -tap machines, assembling machine lines, high speed press machine in the world, such as AIDA, KOMATSU, YSM, etc. So, we can create the good products with high quality and hope to bring satisfaction to customers. This makes 3GTECH become one of our group’s strategic subsidiaries.

Besides, the important factor that makes up our brand is the skilled and well trained operators and engineers including totally 50 people, who contribute to the development of the company in general and of 3GTECH in particular. The workshop is built as an in-house service spot for metal stamping parts, metal assembling parts, metal multislides, turning parts with tight tolerance at competitive price, while as well serving the group’s major partners as Schneider Electric and Nidec Corporation. Its quality certification includes ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004. In 2018, the developing direction of 3G is to maintain, develop relationships with not only existing customers but also new customers to meet the plan in the future, expand the facility and develop new products from new customers.


Stamping Machine: 3 units
Multi Slide Machine: 2 units
Auto Feeder system: 3 units
Auto Turning machine: 3 units
Progressive Auto Drill
Tap machine: 2 units
Auto Tap machine: 7 units
CNC Turning: 1 unit


Successful in establishing business with huge customers such as Schneider Electric, Nidec…
Application of ERP