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From 1 of 9 Most Prestigious Suppliers Among 900 Suppliers To 1 of 4 Most Elite Suppliers of Konica Minolta

Continuing the success of P-DOAZ program, which was initiated by Konica Minolta, CATHACO has constantly obtained a lot of remarkable results. Being presence in the list of the 4 most elite suppliers of Konica Minolta, CATHACO, a 100% domestic invested company, has affirmed its own brand internationally, proudly and fairly compared with foreign companies in the international market. To make a summary of this program, in 2012, CATHACO was chosen by Konica Minolta to implement the P-DOAZ program (parts defects on arrival zero) with specific targets are:   

1. 100% on time delivery.  
2. Customer’s in-line ratio of NG products is under 50 PPM.   
3. In-process ratio of NG products is equal to or less than 1.6%

After one year of implementation, CATHACO has achieved the outcome which are more than expected:   

 1. 100% on time delivery.

 2. PPM is 11.3 compared to the required target of 50.  

 3. In-process ratio of NG products is 1.52% compared to target of 1.6% Despite a lot of difficulties,  with determination of all the leaders and staff, CATHACO has harvested excellent results, proved by the second official acknowledgment of Konica Minolta at the Supplier Recognition ceremony which was held in a five-star hotel in China. In front of hundreds of representatives of suppliers, CATHACO was cited as 1 of the 4 most excellent suppliers among 45 suppliers worldwide who had been implementing the P-DOAZ program.

Outstandingly, among the suppliers who had been implementing the P-DOAZ program, there were several strong companies from Japan and China but only 2 suppliers from Vietnam were selected. One is CATHACO and the other is a large Japanese company with operations in Vietnam.
At the seminar, CATHACO’s representative was invited to give a speech on the experiences and efforts in carrying out the program in front of other foreign suppliers. The sharing speech was highly appreciated and the suppliers showed their surprises about CATHACO’s accomplishment.
It is hard to meet customer’s targets and requirements. It is even harder to maintain it and improve it. This requires the persistent efforts and willpower of both leaders and staff, realized by the continuous improvement activities of the whole system.
The reward that CATHACO received this time was certainly not resulted from a short-term investment but it is the return of a long-term development strategy of CATHACO, where customers will be cared most.

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