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Cathaco Continues Being Praised As 1 of 4 Most Superior Suppliers Of Pdoaz By Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is one of the biggest customers of Cathaco. In recent years, Cathaco is not only a supplier but also a partner of Konica. Being one of the best suppliers of Konica is a remarkable achievement of Cathaco in its development history.


The journey becoming a partner of Konica is also synonymous with victory in the competition with the local suppliers in China – the country that has been so long considered as the cradle of the manufacturing industry of the world. It is Konica, with the very strict requirements, standards, very tight conditions, that has raised Cathaco in the development process and it is Cathaco, with its efforts and reputation, affirms its position in the Vietnam supporting industry.


In 2012, Cathaco was chosen to be a supplier to implemente PDOAZ program initiated by Konica Minolta. After successful implementation, Konica held several seminars to share the experiences with its global suppliers and compliment the victors.

The first seminar was in Mar 2013. In the seminar with the participation of many Konica’s suppliers, Cathaco was certified as one of nine best suppliers in total 900 suppliers of Konica Minolta.

Following that, in the supplier summit of Konica in Aug 2013, Cathaco continued being praised as 1 of 4 elite suppliers who successfully implemented PDOAZ program. Cathaco representative was invited to share its experiences with other Konica Minolta’s supplier representatives from different countries.

In 2013, although the world’s economy faced a lot of difficulties, the orders of Konica Minolta has also been affected, Cathaco still kept on satisfying its customer with its very high quality products. 

At the suppliers meeting in April 2014, Cathaco continued prove its position as one of 4 most elite supplier of Konica Minolta and be a reliable partner for many new projects of Konica Minolta in the period to come.