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Seminar of Connection among Enterprises in Southern Key Economic Zone

Seminar on industrial enterprise connection to support major economic zone in the South held on 11 December 2012 at Palace Hotel, Vung Tau city.

At the seminar, some supporting industrial development enterprises located in Southern provinces and cities presented, talked and introduced issues relating to business to delegates. In coming time, these industrial enterprises shall launch policies to attract the investment.



Research Institute for Industrial Strategy and Policy under Ministry of Industry and Trade, Departments of Industry and Trade in Ba Ria- Vung Tau province and Dong Nai introduced and discussed about industrial development to support major economic zone of the South; the actual situation and solution for supporting industrial development of the locality.

Most of participants said that, presently, there are few industrial production enterprises participating in supporting industry in order to provide products for large-scale enterprises, because most of developing activities of supporting industry have not been planned. Supporting industrial products provided by enterprises only meet the demand for replacing imported products or exported products selling for some foreign agencies that have not integrated into the international market in order to provide for multi-national groups.

Additionally, 50% of domestic investment enterprises only fund for the technology at the medium size because of small scale capital; that is why, the competitiveness is not high; human resources providing for supporting industrial sector has not satisfied the demand of enterprise; the State policies which support the development of supporting industry are not attractive enterprises to invest in this field. Technical infrastructure that has not been fully invested to attract supporting industrial projects shall also be one of the reasons for difficulties of supporting industrial enterprises in investment attraction and production expansion.

Therefore, in order to develop the supporting industry, it needs the connection between localities, regions; it also requires the strict connection to attract and create favor conditions for enterprises to invest in the sector, especially foreign investment enterprises to be the basis for developing supporting industry.

Ministry of Industry and Trade says, there are nearly 500 enterprises providing accessories and spare parts for motorbike industry, the domesticization rate reaches to 90-95%, this is an important condition for Vietnam to increase the provision in automobile and electronic industry.

Within the scale of the seminar, supporting industrial enterprises coming from Southern provinces and cities took part in the exhibition which introduce supporting industry products; seek for chances to connect enterprises in production network, between the assembling enterprises and suppliers in order to seek for chance to develop supporting industry of Vietnam.