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GE reverses decision; will keep Rochester manufacturing plant open


General Electric has reversed a decision to move 90 manufacturing jobs out of Rochester, the company announced Tuesday.

GE previously said it was closing its operation on Science Parkway as part of an effort to provide its customers with more competitive and efficient products. That operation, the assembly of electronic boards, was to be shifted to a partner supplier in China by June 2018. 

About 145 employees work at the site, which is in the Rochester Science Park off South Avenue. Some employees in sales, technology and technical services were to remain in Rochester in a building adjacent to the plant. 



Now, the operation will remain in Rochester. In a statement, GE said, "Over the last several months, GE Power has undergone an exhaustive review of our operations across the business. As part of that review, we have determined that, at this time, we are best able to serve our customers by keeping manufacturing and assembly operations for our Industrial Communications Product line in Rochester.”

Employees have been notified of the decision, GE said.

The city of Rochester lauded the decision in a statement. "Creating more jobs, safer/more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities for all citizens has been our focus at City Hall," the statement read. "News that GE MDS will retain existing jobs in our community is very welcome not just for our neighbors who are employed there but for the entire community.  The availability of good jobs is the cornerstone to building stronger neighborhoods and better educational outcomes."

The site has been operating since 1985 as Microwave Data Systems. In 2007, GE acquired the business.

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