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2012 Year End Party

On 6th February 2013, the year end party 2012 of Cathaco was held successfully at the company yard in District 9. This annual event has been in the company’s calendar for 8 recent years and became a function that all staff are waiting for.


This year, despite the difficult economic situation, Cathaco has been growing and developing well with  the sales revenue was up to 150% in comparison with the year 2011. Cathaco has obtained remarkable achievements in expansion and consolidation of customer base, system building, team development and improvement of its policy for employees. Therefore, the year end party is not only the time for all company staff to eat and play together, but also the time for the Board of Directors to convey the thanks to all staff for their efforts and dedication in the year 2012.



The party was well planned with the help of Ben Thanh Tourist Company, one of the most professional tourist and event service providers in the South. Although the time of the party was very close to the Lunar new year holiday, but almost 98% of the total employees could join the event after they had completed their year-end working shift, meeting the company production plan, keeping stock ready for the first deliveries to the customers right after the holiday. After the party, all the employees started their journey back to their hometown for having a long holiday with their family and relatives, and would be back to work 1 week after the Lunar New Year.



After the opening speech of the BoD and the welcoming dance performed by the QC team of the factory CT3, the company distributed the dividend at the rate of 15% to the existing shareholders, basing on the good business results of the year 2012. In order to recognize the contribution of the dedicated employees, the Company also issued shares to 18 other employees during this occasion.



At the party, a lot of entertainment and team building games were organized, many songs and plays were composed and professionally performed by the workers and the technicians of the factories CT1, CT2, CT3 and CT4 that received a lot of laugh and applause, making the event more joyful. Inspired by the “work hard, play hard” spirit of the company’s employees, Mr. Le Tuan Anh, CEO of the company decided to give “hot reward” to most of the employees involved  in the entertainment and teambuilding games with the total rewards value of nearly 100 million VNĐ. Besides, a lot of valuable gifts in the “lucky draw” were received by the employees , such as Samsung 32” flat screen TV, the Panasonic rice cooker,  microwave oven, etc.




The 2012 year end party of Cathaco was end up with the funny Gangnam style dance. Everyone stood up, enjoyed themselves in the very famous Korean dance. All was happy and excited with a long holiday ahead.

On behalf of all of the company staff, the representative of Labour Union closed the party with an emotional speech, expressing the labour’s great gratitude to the BoD. The company had made the staff themselves felt they all were family members and each found very proud when being a ring of the chains to help the company to achieve the good results today. All committed themselves that they must work harder in the year of snake 2013, to bring the company to the next level, the level of professionalism.


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