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Cathaco Achived Award Of Unit Defect On Arrival Zero (U-DOAZ) By Konica Minolta

In opening meeting Mr. Ky- BMHK HCM QA supervisor shown meeting agenda to all participants. On December 29th, 2016, Konica Minolta visited Cathaco in order to take part in U- DOAZ activity and give award to Cathaco.

Konica Minolta is one of the biggest customers of Cathaco.  In recent years, Cathaco is not only a supplier but also a partner of Konica. Being one of the best suppliers of Konica is a remarkable achievement of Cathaco in its development history.

Receiving Konica Minolta’s award is an honor with Cathaco, this award prove that product of Cathaco always have high quality and achieve customer requirements.


In the next time, Mr. Tran Duc Phuc – Cathaco, presented the summarize for 2015 U-DOAZ activity and its result, base on the final result, Cat Thai achieved almost targets in 2015 U-DOAZ activity. From that, two parties shown their opinions and questions about this presentation and discussed the solutions and plans in order to achieve excellent results in the future.

After that, Mr. Tran Duc Phuc- Cat Thai QA Manager continue took Konica Minolta’s representatives to visit factory in Helios Unit assembly line.


After visiting factory with satisfaction, they came back to meeting room and continued U-DOAZ programs.    Mr. Hirofumi Kato – BMHK HK Managing Director gave to the Award for Cathaco.

Mr. Le Tuan Anh – Cathaco General Director, represented to Cathaco receiving this honor Awarda

This Award is an evidence that prove Cathaco product always are produced with high quality and reach all requirements of customer. On the business road, Cathaco will be a believable partner as well as potential supplier.

      In closing program, all members of Cathaco and Konica Minolta have discussed their opinions and plans. After that, they ended this meeting with big hands and satisfied faces.

Nowadays, many industries are growing day by day, especially the rubber- plastics industry. With a strong position and extensive experience, Cathaco is confident to create sustainable values to stay on the competitive market of the world.